Freedom’s Price (Keys of Promise #3)


Title:  Freedom’s Price (Keys of Promise #3)

Author:  Christine Johnson

Pages:  331

Year:  2017

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Tom Worthington is a captain of a ship that aids disabled ships to their destinations for a fee as well as legally recovers goods from wrecked ships.  Ten years ago, his father had his own ship stolen from him by a dastardly villain.  His father couldn’t make enough money to support his family without his ship and thus fell into debt.  He lost everything and his reputation was ruined.  The family had to leave Boston and relocate where his father had to work for someone else as a fisherman to support his family.  He died soon afterward, a broken man.  Tom has promised himself he will find his father’s ship and the man who stole it to exact justice.  Then, he meets Catherine Haynes, who is aboard a ship that barely survived a storm and needs repairs.  He helps her find passage to New Orleans, but can’t seem to let her go without his protection.  He feels bound to see her settled with family she has never met.  He also can’t get her out of his mind or his heart.

Catherine Haynes is forced to leave England or she will have to marry someone she doesn’t love thanks to her cousin inheriting the family estate.  Her father has died, leaving her at the mercy of a cousin.  The cousin plans to sell the estate that has been in the family for generations.  She decides to leave all she has ever known and go to America to live with her mother’s family, even though there has been no contact with them for several years.  They might not even know Catherine exists!  She meets Tom and is immediately drawn to him.  After spending some time together, Christine realizes there can be no future for them together.  He longs for the sea and she is bound for New Orleans.  Upon arriving there, however, she soon discovers that all is not as it seems and she has got the fight of her life on her hands.

In this third book of the Keys of Promise series, readers will learn that more than one character is willing to sacrifice for someone else to gain freedom and that it comes with a cost.  Dreams of revenge, justice and romance are just a few of the subjects depicted in this historical romance.  There are also elements of danger, suspense and evil too.  The life of the South before the Civil War is in the spotlight and the cruelty of slavery exposed.  Catherine and Tom encounter much more than they could have imagined in their quest, and I liked seeing their reactions to the different situations.  Catherine’s faith is woven into her life, but Tom struggles to let go of his anger and bitterness as they both must make choices that will change their futures.