Disillusioned (Cape Thomas #2)


Title:  Disillusioned

Author:  Christy Barritt

Pages:  288

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Waterfall Press

My rating 5 out of 5.

In her second novel set in the same small town off the bay as in book one, Dubiosity, we meet new characters Nikki and Bobby Wright.  Readers also renew acquaintances with some of other folks in Dubiosity.  The action and danger are centered around the brother and sister as Bobby has returned from being held prisoner overseas.  His sister Nikki paid the ransom to get him back to the states with the help of her attorney who was supposed to help them get some time to gather themselves before debriefing.

From start to finish the book is always moving along at a pace that kept my eyes on the action, danger and possible romances while dodging bullets and bad guys!  Nikki and Bobby know they need help, but who can they trust?  Bobby reaches out to Kade Wheaton, a former SEAL like Bobby, and hopefully they can unwind the web of deceit in time to save many American lives before a terrorist organization can carry out their plans.

Trying to figure out who was heading up the terrorists in America was one thread that kept me turning pages.  The other was learning the backgrounds of the Wright siblings and how that could play into what they were experiencing at the moment.  When time is of the essence and safety is of utmost concern, these three connect with a few of the characters we met in Dubiosity!

The hardest part was trying to get local and federal help in locating the man who is bent on harming people, but because of the way the brother and sister are portrayed in the news few will listen to them.  Wait till you see who the man was that planned America’s downfall and how he backed himself into a corner along with the budding romance between Kade and Nikki!

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