Hidden Figures (DVD)






Title:  Hidden Figures (DVD)

Year: 2017

Studio: 20th Century Fox

My rating 5+ stars out of 5!

The year this movie takes place in was the same year I was born.  Recently, when John Glenn passed away, I remembered some of his life’s story.  I can’t say whether I was taught more in school and forgot or as I get older I pay more attention.  John Glenn was not the only hero that day.  The movie tells so much more than women fighting for their “rights” as it tells more about the women who, with grace and fortitude, wouldn’t allow the times to define them.

These women were aware of the racial division at the time and about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was reaching out to bring about change for anyone whose civil rights were trampled on or ignored.  The brilliance of the women who worked at NASA wasn’t just in their mental abilities; it was what they taught their children and with grace how they carried themselves.  These women weren’t focused on themselves as they were more focused on helping American’s reach space.  They were patriotic even when they weren’t valued or taken seriously, but were separated from others.  These women had families who lived in dangerous times, but they kept walking forward with heads held high.  They didn’t destroy others’ property, leave a mess for others to clean up or sew hatred.  No, they showed courage, character traits, belief in God and taught themselves so they were equipped to change with the times.

These hidden figures weren’t looking for glory, but a chance to serve their nation in their own way.  I don’t know what has become of their children or grandchildren.  However, they left a legacy that I hope humans of all ages will become more like these women bringing change that while others may not ever know about or make a movie about, the Lord will know.

We stand stronger when we stand side by side and give a helping hand to others.  Instead of shouting about “our rights”, we need to be more focused on the care and treatment of others right beside us.  We need to remember that this nation is stronger when we stand together united and not divided as some want us to be.

Watch this movie or read the book.  I bet your heart, mind and soul will be deeply touched and challenged to put away the sword of division and pick up whatever tools are needed to build a strong people which then becomes known as a strong nation.