When Tides Turn (Waves of Freedom #3)


Title: When Tides Turn (Waves of Freedom #3)
Author: Sarah Sundin
Pages: 391
Year: 2017
Publisher: Revell
My rating is 4 stars.
When Tides Turn is the third and final installment of the Waves of Freedom series from author Sarah Sundin. The other two books in the series are Through Waters Deep and Anchor in the Storm. This third story takes place beginning in July 1942 and ends August 1943. The two main characters in the book are Dan Avery and Quintessa (Tess) Beaumont. Dan is the older brother of Jim, one of the main characters in book one and Tess is the best friend of Mary, the other main character in book one.
Dan Avery has decided to be a career Navy man for as long as the Lord allows him. He has also determined that women are a distraction from his firm resolve to work his way up the Navy ladder to become an Admiral one day. He will not marry or take time away from his career, working seven days a week. He is coerced to go on a few outings when his brother is home on leave and finds Tess a distraction because of her beauty. He doesn’t encourage her to be interested in him and determines to stay away from her. Then, he discovers she has joined the WAVES and will be working in the same office as he is working. What will he do now?
Tess Beaumont is tired of being thought of as just a pretty face. She wants to be liked for who she is on the inside. She wants to have a purpose. She decides to join the Navy WAVES and excels at her job. She also has noticed her former roommate is acting a bit odd. Her roommate is French and has been attending a group that supports French resistance against Germany. With her odd behavior, Tess begins to wonder if she is a spy for the Germans. Tess reports her suspicions to the local FBI office and they recruit Tess to continue to go to the meetings and report everything to them. In the meantime, Tess fights against her attraction to Dan because she knows he wants to be married to the Navy. She wants to do what is best for him, so she tries to foster a friendship instead. Will this work?
This is a wonderful series for those interested in the WWII setting. They mostly take place in Boston with occasional segments at sea. The faith of the main characters’ shines through in each story. Tess is a wonderful example of an encourager, which I admire, as that is not my forte. I found the segments that took place on board ship very interesting and descriptive. Stay tuned as a new series from this author will be launched in 2018!