Long Time Gone (The Cimarron Legacy #2)

Title:  Long Time Gone (The Cimarron Legacy #2)

Author:  Mary Connealy

Pages:  304

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Bethany

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

We are introduced to the Cimarron Ranch and the Bodin family in the first novel titled, No Way Up! Personally, I have been excitedly looking forward to this book as the story picks up right where the first book leaves off.  I assume the third book will bring to a conclusion the mystery behind who is attempting to take the ranch from the family and constantly attempting to kill the family.

In this book, the focus remains on solving the riddle of who is so focused on stealing the ranch and will get rid of whomever is in the way.  The author does a great job of mixing up tense moments of action, adventure and danger with a comical pause or a possible romance.  With the patriarch of the family in Denver healing from a serious broken leg with his wife beside him, the danger is ramping up and the siblings feel as if there isn’t anyone they can trust.  The man after them has hired many guns against the family and greed is pure motive for some of the hands to go against their bosses.

I love the female characters of Angie and Sadie along with Mel as they have true grit and are a determined force of females to be reckoned with should those intent on harming them cross their paths.  I enjoyed watching a budding romance and the family sticking together regardless of being separated by miles, especially because of the determined nature of whomever is on the warpath.

Read the first book and then this sequel to get caught up on the action, danger, romance, faith and family in the Cimarron Legacy series!  The stories will keep you turning pages for awhile!