Hide and Seek


Title:  Hide and Seek

Author:  Major Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

Pages:  369

Year:  2012

Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group

My rating is 5 stars.

J.J. Bartley has been assigned his first special ops mission as team leader, and boy does it turn out to be a doozy!  He and his team are tasked with finding a missing daughter of the current president of Kyrgyzstan and a female American Foreign Affairs Officer who has been trained by the Army with an impressive set of survival skills.  They are on the run as the president’s daughter barely escaped being kidnapped as riots plague the city of Bishkek.  The attempt was thwarted by Amelia Lennon, the Foreign Affairs Officer.  As they are in survival mode, Amelia leaves coded messages behind for a hoped for rescue team.  However, they must keep moving as the kidnappers are hot on their trail.  With the political unrest that has cut phone lines and cell towers, communication is almost impossible.

J.J. and his team are following Amelia’s clues, but soon realize they are also being hunted.  Armed men with military training are tracking J.J. and the team.  Using drone technology, the team eventually finds Amelia and the president’s daughter, but they are on the verge of being taken hostage.  J.J. and his team are too far away to make it in time to stop the attack as they are seemingly trapped on a roof top by a team of armed men.  How can the get out of this?  Can Amelia somehow stop the kidnapping a second time?

These four books have been such a pleasure to read.  The action and life situations are very realistic and get readers involved from beginning to end.  The characters on the special ops team are likeable and with the reading of each book become more and more like visiting familiar faces.  My favorite character is J.J.  He is a Christian in the military where there aren’t a lot of other Christians.  He doesn’t beat his fellow soldiers over the head with his beliefs, but he isn’t afraid to stand up for his values either.  The team knows where he stands and respects him, some even asking for prayer occasionally.  J.J. doesn’t enjoy having to kill, but knows that it is sometimes necessary to stop evil men from doing evil deeds.  Thank you to the authors for showing the military to this reader who has not had much experience or knowledge of that arena.  Thank you to our men and women who sacrifice daily for our country!