Devoted Defender (Danger in the Deep South #2)


Title:  Devoted Defender (Danger in the Deep South #2)

Author:  Rachel Dylan

Pages:  192

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Create space

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

This series starts with the first book titled, Lethal Action where the focus is on two characters named Gabe and a lawyer named Hope.  The action takes place in a small town named Maxwell and Gabe is undercover working there, but I won’t reveal more so you can enjoy the books mystery and suspense when you read it.

Now, in the sequel, Devoted Defender, Caleb, who is the local Chief of Police, becomes entangled in a web where someone is out to take Annie’s life because she witnessed a crime.  Annie was originally from Florida and worked hard to become a chef.  She was working for a family in Atlanta where the crime occurred.  Now, being on the run, she ends up in Maxwell and before too long Annie and Caleb are dodging bullets and unsure who to trust.

The author is planning a third novel in this series and I cannot wait as it focuses on another character we meet in book one and see again in this story.  The stories weave tension and action right from page one all the way to the end, including a touch of romance.  What I love about the stories besides the suspense, action and such is that the characters are not perfect.  The characters are crafted to include brokenness, faith, fear, love and more humanlike qualities and personalities so it is really easy to connect with them in the book.

I hope you read soon Lethal Action & Devoted Defender before the third book is released; I guarantee you will soon become lost in the pages!