Lethal Action (Danger in the Deep South #1)


Title:  Lethal Action (Danger in the Deep South #1)

Author:  Rachel Dylan

Pages:  224

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Create Space Independent

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Rachel Dylan is a new author to me.  I saw her novella when perusing an online bookstore and saw too that she has written a few Love Inspired Suspense novels.  On top of being a lawyer, she writes novels whose central character is a lawyer and a strong-headed one!

Attorney Hope Finch worked hard to get where she is as an attorney with a top law firm in New York and hopes to make partner within a few years.  Hope had a very rough upbringing that she used to not only help her work through the tough rigors of academia and work, but also she built a wall around her heart for protection.  The wall was due to an ex-boyfriend who betrayed her trust and therefore Hope decided she would be married to her job so she keeps other people out of her life.  Of course that was before she met Gabe.  The way she meets him doesn’t exactly instill the number one trait she looks for in a person and that is trust.

When Hope travels to a small town for a case, Hope figures her work long hours have finally paid off.  However, that all goes south when people start coming after her to do her physical harm in order to find out what she knows about a computer chip in her possession or is it?

With tense moments, some well-placed humorous scenes, Rachel keep readers such as myself entertained all the way till the end of the book.  The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing as to who the powerful antagonists were and how Gabe was going to keep Hope alive.  Hope doesn’t rely on anyone but herself in all areas of her life and her facing danger head on makes protecting her rather daunting.  The next installment is titled, Devoted Defender with a third and final book to be added to the series in the near future.  So watch for Rachel’s novels and then enjoy the well-crafted high suspense tales within the covers of her books!