Rescue Me (Montana Rescue #2)


Title:  Rescue Me (Montana Rescue #2)

Author:  Susan May Warren

Pages:  336

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Revell

My rating 5+ out of 5 stars.

FYI the third book in the series titled, A Matter of Trust is slated to be published July of 2017!

Rescue Me is the sequel to Wild Montana Skies where we meet a slew of characters from all sorts of life experiences, education and dreams.  What touched me most about the title and book was the author’s note about her life during the writing of the novel, which I am sure will touch the heart of many people as we tend to forget that authors are people too.

In the story, we get to meet Willow who is a very caring, loving young woman who also wears her heart on her sleeve.  Deputy Sam Brooks though is the polar opposite of Willow in that he doesn’t allow himself to try new experiences.  In fact, he has built a wall around his heart, thinking it will keep him from experiencing pain again.  However, he is also missing out on experiencing love, mercy, compassion and a deeper walk with God.

Willow volunteers to work with the youth group at her church and sometimes her spur of the moment decisions get her into deep trouble or hard places.  Her sister, Sierra Rose, is the only family Willow feels who loves her for who she is and will not leave Willow no matter what happens.  On what was to be a day hike with the youth group where Sam also goes along to keep them safe and help with the youth suddenly turns into trying to stay alive in a remote part of the forest.  Now PEAK is involved to help locate the group, but the weather isn’t cooperating and Sam might not make it out alive!

Susan May Warren is a gifted author who tells compelling tales in a setting fraught with danger, adventure, family and faith.  I enjoy books that pull me in and make the people real as they make bad choices or wrestle out issues they may have with God due to a life experience.  Each book set in Montana is so well described it makes me want to go and see the mountains and forests, but not the bears in this book!

If you have never read any of Susan’s novels you are in for a real treat!  I do find it helpful to read her series in order as each story builds upon the previous book.  So, before book three comes out, catch up and like me look forward to the next novel with expectation for more adventures in Montana!