The Devoted (The Bishop Family #3)


Title:  The Devoted (The Bishop Family #3)

Author:  Suzanne Woods Fisher

Pages:  336

Year:  2016

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This final book of the series, The Devoted, focuses on the character of Ruthie Stolzfus who is the daughter of the bishop in Stoney Ridge.  We meet the community of Amish and the Stolzfus family in the first book titled, The Imposter and then the story continues in The Quieting.  What I enjoy most about the novels isn’t the focus on the Amish per se, but the human factor that is present no matter what community one belongs to.  With the human element, readers will come across one character named Luke who is trying to find his way through life, but his choices bring dire consequences.

Ruthie thinks she might want to leave the Amish like the Bishop David’s sister did so she can be freer in ways she cannot as an Amish woman.  I enjoyed the multifaceted tensions in the story line of the novels that were spiritual in many ways and also relational.  I enjoyed David’s character the most as he seeks God in the Word, prayer and meditation.  Plus, David doesn’t want to begin taking shortcuts to hurry people through to baptism.  He likes to give God time to work on the heart instead of browbeating as some in the community want to do.  I also enjoyed seeing how older women in the community helped the younger woman with some of the struggles of life as they grew older.  In our day and age, we could use more of this passing on of wisdom, opening heart and home to young woman.

The idea of taking in a woman who is searching for God and needing to learn even the basic household tasks or taking care of an elderly woman who is alone is I think a wonderful idea.  I hope you read and enjoy all three novels in the series as I did.  Suzanne writes with such heart and realism that is unique and makes the stories unforgettable!