Shawn O’Brien Manslaughter


Title:  Shawn O’Brien Manslaughter

Author:  William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Pages:  336

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Pinnacle

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

The action takes place in Broken Bridle, Wyoming where the sheriff resembles more of an eastern type dude than a western town sheriff.  Shawn O’Brien is a known town tamer who becomes entangled in the problem the town has with a man named Becker who is holding the town in his tight grip.  Becker has assembled some gun hands to make sure his grip remains tight so people won’t mess up his long term plans.

In the hills, drums pound and make the people scared of going near the hills.  The man in the hills is a psychotic killer who has been fleeing the law and his only care is himself.  He figures he knows how to diagnose people’s sanity; the problem is Dr. Cranston was not sane himself, but he is greedy.  He has a hold on the hills in order to remove the vein of rock that is guaranteed to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

What happens is an action-packed story with more characters than I revealed to you here.  The plot has more twists and turns along with other actions that will keep readers entertained for hours in the Old West.  I love reading Johnstone books; many are quite good.  This one is a good one.  Though not my favorite, I enjoyed it nonetheless.  Pick up a copy then sit and get lost in the pages in a very suspense-filled thriller that really gets tense at times!