The Escape (John Puller Series #3)


Title:  The Escape (John Puller Series #3)

Author: David Baldacci

Pages: 512

Year: 2015

Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing

My rating is 5+ out of 5 stars!

What an exemplary novel! David Balducci writes a thriller filled with action, adventure, high tension and intrigue with heart.  In his 3rd book with the main character John Puller the author pulls out all the tops in leading the readers down a road in search for the truth of Robert Puller’s innocence or guilt in regards to treason.  I think to fully appreciate and relish the book one does need to start at the beginning of the series to fully appreciate the Puller family characters with their family issues, careers, health and experiences.

All that goes into building each book with a story that won’t let up and leaves the reader wanting more!  While each book can be a story unto itself it is the revelations about each of the Puller family men that enhance each tale.  There is emotion in each book not in the forefront but definitely in background in regards to John Puller Sr. and his battle with Dementia.

In The Rescue there is one section of the story that really pulled at my heart as the author paints with words a very touching scene between a father and son.  Not only is it with the knowledge that slowly these two brothers are losing their parent to a disease that knows no bounds.  Having personally gone through in my life I can say that the author does a great job giving his audience a peek at what some people deal with and its affect on a person.

I do recommend reading and enjoying the series even with its rare use of foul language.  Why?  There are many people who love to read all types of books and want to read stories that have grit to them.  Yes you can have that without the language, I am just glad he doesn’t liberally dose his stories with the words unlike other novelists.  There is patriotism is the book, heart and soul in the characters and a rich plot fraught with a plethora of trails that keep readers like me up till the wee hours of a morning to get to the end!

The next book in the series is titled No Man’s Land and I cannot wait to see where the author takes John Puller next!