Jack and Kill (Hunt for Jack Reacher Series #3 A Short Story)


Title:  Jack and Kill (Hunt for Jack Reacher Series #3 A Short Story)

Author:  Diane Capri

Pages:  90

Year:  2014

Publisher:  AugustBooks

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Audiences will continue to enjoy the suspense filled story of two FBI agents attempting to build a file on a ghost.  Not literally a ghost, but a man who can’t be found usually until he has already been there or people warning them off of their attempt to find Reacher.  Now Otto and Gaspar are on the road going to locate those who knew Reacher when he was an MP in the army.

However, when they get to a small town they come upon what at first looks like a fatal car accident.  They pull aside to see if it is Reacher under cover on the road, but what they discover has deeper ramifications along with a nationwide manhunt as they weren’t aware of being off the grid themselves.  Many questions remain as to who Reacher is, who wants them to build the file about the man and why.  Along with what will happen to the agents should they continue on their task no one is supposed to know they are on, but somehow do!  Keep reading the novels and short stories to enjoy the mystery, suspense and characters in the Hunt for Reacher Series!