Sully (The Movie)


Title:  Sully

Studio:  Warner Brothers

Year:  2016

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Do you remember what or where you were on January 15, 2009?  Were you aware of a possible disastrous and life-changing possibility for people on flight 1549?  For me, I remember what happened though not in detail and the pilot’s name, but nothing else.  After watching the movie, I wanted to know more about the people on the plane and the pilots; not so much the time of the flight or where the plane ended up, but more about what happened to the various people afterwards.

I was amazed at the calmness of Sully as he controlled the plane into water and then his ordeal with the authorities.  I can’t imagine being thanked by so many people only to find yourself under a microscope as investigators try to assign blame, being separated from his family, having to be careful what he said or for days seeing his face along with various stories about the incident all over the media.

The people were another aspect I wanted to learn more about after the crash happened.  Plus, I was amazed that as cold as the Hudson was, there wasn’t ice on it that could have changed the ending of the flight.  I was struck by Sully’s focus being on the people, making sure that all were off the plane and not just once but many times.  He wasn’t concerned about meeting with local authorities until he knew all 155 souls aboard were accounted for and all were going to be fine.

Watching the interview of Sully, his wife and one daughter and how it affected the family was something.  I was struck by how their “normal” was gone.  In the book Miracle on The Hudson, I am reading how the passengers lives were never the same again.  The ending of the flight as explained in the interview restored hope at a time that America needed.  I thought it was special to see the faces of the real people who were on the flight and what their seat number was on that day.

The strongest point of the movie for me was how over the years Sully had various experiences and those prepared him for what occurred.  Sully’s character showed up strongly on that day.  No one knows what is going to happen in their lives, or how they are being prepared for something in the future.  This movie can be a catalyst to remind us that character, faith and life matter every single moment we breathe.