The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes


Title:  The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes

Author:  H.R. Jakes                                                                                      

Pages:  262

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Archway Publishing


            We all have a story about our lives. H.R. Jakes has taken his mother’s memoirs that were found by chance in a box under her bed with a message that Mr. Jakes interpreted as his mother’s desire to have her story told, so he went about the process of editing and putting together her story from her perspective.

            The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes is a story about her journey of faith from growing up in a Welsh Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania only to reject that faith in favor of becoming a white Chinese Jew (you just need to read it to understand) and eventually turn back to the faith that she was raised in. The book is laced with many humorous stories that Elaine tells; however, in the Afterword, Mr. Jakes admits that some of her tales are somewhat exaggerated, but there are some details that he can confirm as accurate since he was witness to them.

I normally do not read autobiographies; however, I did enjoy this one. The only issue I had with this book, and it is more of a personal preference, is that the chapters are not chronological but topical in the way they are laid out. I thought it was hard to follow since there was several overlaps in the timeline, which caused a little confusion. Despite that, I found Elaine’s life story to be fun and interesting.

If you like autobiographies, you will find that The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes is a good read to enjoy and see that everyone has story to tell.

My rating is 4.5.

Guest review by Cleve Johnson

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