Classified Christmas Mission (Wrangler’s Corner #4)


Title:  Classified Christmas Mission (Wrangler’s Corner #4)

Author:Lynette Eason



Publisher: Love Inspired

My rating is 4 stars.

Amber Starke is on the run for her very life.  She has been working undercover for the CIA as a nanny for her best friend, Nadia, who has been feeding her information on her criminal husband.  Her friend also has a 6-year-old autistic son, Sam, to whom Amber has been given full custody right should anything happen to Nadia.  Nadia is murdered, so Amber grabs Sam and goes on the run.  She must return home to gather her emergency funds and passports so they can disappear forever.  However, the evil men sent by Nadia’s husband track them down before they can get there and the struggle to stay alive begins in earnest.  Amber’s faith has been lax over the last few years and with the death of her best friend she is angry with God.  Can she turn to God and trust in His provision or will she try to do it all on her own?

Lance Goode is a deputy with Wrangler’s Corner law enforcement.  On this snowy night, he is on his way for fellowship with his good friends the Starke brothers.  He passes two cars driving much too fast for the weather conditions and could have sworn the driver of the first car was Amber Starke.  What is she doing here?  She hasn’t been home hardly at all over the past few years, so why is she here now?  Was that someone chasing her?  Lance turns around to see if it is in fact Amber and if she needs his help.  He soon discovers her and Sam, gets them to safety and learns of the danger they are experiencing.  His natural instinct is to protect, so he joins them in their battle, which includes shoot-outs, hiking to a cave in a snowstorm, kidnapping from a hospital and much more.  Lance trusts God has brought Amber and Sam into his life for a purpose.

There is never a dull moment in these suspenseful books!  This one starts from the very first paragraph with a tense car chase.  I like how the faith theme is presented in these books as a part of the character’s everyday life, not just a Sunday trait.  For those interested, the other three books in this series are titled, The Lawman Returns, Rodeo Rescuer and Protecting Her Daughter, respectively.  These books would make great stocking stuffers!