A Daughter's Dream


Title:  A Daughter’s Dream

Author:  Shelley Shepherd Gray

Pages:  272

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Avon Inspire

Series:  Charmed Amish Life #2

My rating is 5 stars.

Rebecca Kinsinger is the focus on the second installment in the Charm Amish Life series.  Rebecca works at the family’s lumber mill in the front office.  Lukas is now married to Darla. Rebecca is one of the people Lukas relies on at the mill for her excellent way of handling the men and demands of the front office.  Plus, working with her brother she knows how best to help him without much being said, but her dream is to be a teacher.  When the local teacher who is married becomes pregnant, Rebecca is the one who is asked to fill in for her.  However, Rebecca has a revelation that will affect who will replace the teacher when she has the baby in the spring.

Lilly has moved in with her uncle and grandparents after losing both her parents in an accident in Ohio.  Jacob is now thirty, has never been married or had children, and is learning how to be a father to his niece as she is entering her teen years.  However, what really brings Lilly to the attention of Jacob is when he learns how gifted this young lady is and has to make some decisions about her education.

While neither Jacob nor Rebecca is actively looking for romance, Lilly is a catalyst to try and bring one to the attention of the other.  Both the first book, A Son’s Vow and this second book, A Daughter’s Dream, I think will grab the heart of readers, escaping for a few hours to the small town of Charm.  The author makes the characters, events and situations very lifelike and entertaining to read.  There are moments of laughter and moments of brief tension in the town’s life.

I really am enjoying the series not because they are Amish novels but the story that the author tells readers.  The series in order begins with A Son’s Vow, followed by A Daughters’ Dream, A Sister’s Wish and An Amish Family Christmas.