Jacob’s Choice (Return to Northkill #1)


Title:  Jacob’s Choice (Return to Northkill #1)

Author:  Ervin R. Stutzman

Pages:  350

Year:  2014

Publisher:  Herald Press

My rating is 5 stars.

What a very interesting series!  I absolutely became engrossed first by the story being set during the French & Indian War.  Second, the novel is based on an actual person who lived during this time with the last name of Hochstetler.  In the first book, we read the narrative through the point of view of the father named Jacob and his daughter Barbara.

Here is a story based on a man who is considered a hero among the Amish as he chose to stand firm on his nonresistant stance when facing danger, death and torture.  In the story, we see the family face death, separation from each other and the community, yet holding out hope, both eternal and perhaps a reunion of family members taken captive.

It simply is stunning how Jacob stood firm in his stance even knowing that some if not all of the family would lose their lives.  Whether one agrees with nonresistance or not, the fact remains his life challenges us today where many change beliefs like shifting sand.  Reading the story from the father’s and one daughter’s view was intriguing as it shows how each felt, thought, and lived after the attack.  There is tension between Jacob and Barbara for his beliefs, but Jacob holds firm.  He loves his family, but he loves God more.

What a great series this is so far set in a time where life was precarious even without the attacks occurring.  At the beginning, the author shares facts about the man and his family along with sources to read to learn more about the Native American issues.  The book ends on a cliffhanger so I was glad that I had Joseph’s Dilemma, which is the next book in the series to read right away!  The series ends with the final book titled, Christian’s Hope, so grab the books and enjoy!