Buckhorn (Paid in Blood)


Title:  Buckhorn (Paid in Blood)

Author:  William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone

Pages:  374

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Pinnacle

My rating is 5+ stars.

Buckhorn is gun slinger, a loner and comes from parents with different ethnicities, which was not unusual for the Old West.  However, Buckhorn isn’t the usual gun for hire or man either.  Buckhorn’s looks are weathered as he prefers the outdoors to being inside.  He wears a different style hat and his vocabulary is exceptional.   Over the years, he has grown used to traveling after a job is done and sometimes that is the hardest part.

In this recent book, the character of Buckhorn is hired to help a widowed rancher locate her missing youngest son.  If Buckhorn can find out who is rustling the cattle not just from the Circle D who hired him, but from small outfits too maybe he can also locate the missing boy.  What gets really interesting is the romance budding with the offspring of two different factions, fighting factions to be exact.  On top of that, Micah, the oldest son of the widower Pamela is changing and it may not be in the best way either.

Every time I finish a Johnstone novel I sit for a moment and enjoy the lasting effects of having been in the Old West again.  Rarely do I find authors who can capture the interest, heart and mind of readers while entertaining them with a great story!  The action and suspense kept me turning pages for hours waiting to see what was coming!

It won’t be long before the holidays are here and people may want to know what you’d like.  Well, I highly recommend the westerns by the Johnstones and maybe even join their book club for the 2017 year.  I look forward to books coming in the mail every month and having time to steal away into the past with blood-pumping action, good vs. evil or the description of a scene of some characters sitting around a campfire at night.

Grab a book and relish the tale!  You won’t soon forget the fun you had and maybe you’ll invite others to enjoy a book or two with you!