Road to Deer Run

Title:  Road to Deer Run

Author:  Elaine Marie Cooper

Pages:  297

Year:  2010, 2015

Publisher:  Cross River

My rating is 4 stars.

This was my first encounter with the works from this author’s pen.  The story is set in Massachusetts in the year 1777 amidst the Revolutionary War.  The British troops have had to surrender and the prisoners of war are marching toward a new prison when Daniel Lowe makes a break for escape.  He has been injured in a prior battle, but has received no medical care.  He knows that if he doesn’t escape now he will probably not survive much longer.  He runs as fast as his injury will allow him into the forest.  He falls and awaits discovery or death, whichever comes first.  Instead, Mary Thomsen finds him unconscious.  She helps him to shelter and tends his wounds, even though she is a colonial and her brother is fighting against the British.

Mary is a 19-year-old woman of faith.  She knows it is her Christian duty to aid Daniel, but her younger brother has recently been killed in battle so she has conflicting emotions as to aiding the enemy.  She soon convinces her mother to help her.  They bring Daniel into their home to recover from his injury.  Mary, her mother and her little sister live alone in the home as Mary’s father was killed many years earlier in a drowning accident.  In the close proximity of this small cabin, Daniel and Mary realize their attraction to each other.  Daniel has never called God his master, but by seeing the lives Mary and her mother live via their faith gives him pause.  Mary fears that if she gives her heart to a British soldier, what will she do when he leaves?

There were many times during the story that the setting seemed so realistic that I felt I was right there.  The day-to-day struggles these early colonials had to face were extremely daunting.  The never ending hard work that was necessary to survive is mind boggling to me.  Daniel’s protectiveness and gentle manner with Mary and her little sister Sarah was one of my favorite things about the story.  I also liked Mary’s ability to have compassion as well as being ready to forgive.  The second book in the series is titled, Promise of Deer Run.  That story will chronicle Sarah, Mary’s younger sister.  If you like this time period, romance and watching God work in the lives of His people, then you will want to read this book.