The Texan’s Second Chance (Blue Thorn Ranch)


Title:  The Texan’s Second Chance (Blue Thorn Ranch)

Author: Allie Pleiter

Pages:  224

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Love Inspired

My rating is 5 stars.

The other books in the series are The Texas Rancher’s Rescue and Coming Home to Texas, both by the same author.  In this novel, the action is centered on Witt Buckton and one of his employees Jana Powers.  Witt is building another arm to the Blue Thorn business by beginning to take bison burgers to new customers via a truck with a Chef, Jana, but more than a new business venture is blossoming.

Romance, faith and some danger are just parts of the beautifully weaved story.  I was hooked into the book until the very end.  I loved how the Buckton family wasn’t perfect and had some issues that they needed to decide whether to face or let distance build.  The characters were real and I loved the redemption and hope restored as themes also in the book.  All in all, it won’t take a reader long to get through the book and enjoy the story.  Perhaps you know of someone who would also enjoy reading it, and maybe you can pass on your copy or gift a copy!