Murder Under the Mistletoe (Northern Border Patrol #3)

Title:  Murder Under the Mistletoe (Northern Border Patrol #3)

Author:  Terri Reed

Pages:  224

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Love Inspired Books

My rating is 4 stars.

Tyler Griffin likes his life just as it is, being a DEA agent with a life on the road.  He doesn’t think he is husband or father material and isn’t looking to change his single status.  His new assignment is to bring down a drug cartel that has been operating from Canada to Mexico via Idaho.  His informant on an Idaho Christmas tree farm has just been murdered, so Tyler is on the trail of murders now as well.  Just before his death, Tyler’s informant left a journal detailing the drug operation somewhere on the Christmas tree farm.  Tyler goes to the farm to retrieve the journal, but before he can do so the farm’s owner is attacked.  Now Tyler must find the journal and protect the farm owner from harm to solve the case.

Heather Larson-Randall is a young widowed mother.  Her brother, a rehabilitated drug addict, had been running the family Christmas tree farm when he was found dead of a drug overdose.  Heather was living in Washington at the time, but sells her home and quits her job to return to Idaho to run the family Christmas tree farm.  Once home, she meets Tyler and discovers her brother was an informant, but also had made some poor decisions with the farm’s finances.  With Tyler and his team on the scene to protect her and her young son, Heather helps Tyler search for the missing journal.  With each day, the danger increases for Heather and Tyler as the cartel gets ready for delivery.  Where is that journal?

As I’ve said before, these are great books to fill an afternoon.  Both main characters have had their share of heartache and grief, but have remained steadfast in their faith in God.  I found that encouraging.  I like seeing a strong male figure that guides others to God and gains his own strength from Him.  The ending is predictable, but I still enjoyed the story from beginning to end.  This is one to settle down with in a nice cool place with a cold drink!

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