Friendly Revenge


Title:  Friendly Revenge

Author:  James Pence                                                                                 

Pages:  172

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Mountainview Books, LLC

My rating is 5.

Palmer Keene is miserable because he left his friends, his dog, and his whole life behind when his father was hired to pastor a church in another state.  Palmer hates where he lives and doesn’t have any friends even though the school principal’s daughter Cassie continually tries to reach out to the young PK.  However, one day, Palmer is chased by three bullies and cornered in an alley when Chad, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, comes to Palmer’s rescue.  Palmer now has a friend, but is Chad the friend he claims to be?

Palmer gets in trouble, but he is innocent.  He has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, but the reasons behind those who set him up go beyond just bullying the new kid.  Cassie sticks up for Palmer even when some members of his church want to use the incident as an excuse to fire his father. 

James Pence’s Friendly Revenge deals with issues involving bullying, friendship, parent-child relationships and conflicts, unjust treatment, lack of compassion, anger, church politics, and forgiveness.  The story is true-to-life and the characters are realistic.  All the events in Pence’s story could, and probably have happened.  Although there are several themes present, I believe the main theme is that forgiveness is more powerful than hate.  I think that this is a good story for teens to help them see what hate and revenge can lead to as well as how God’s forgiveness, as shown through his people, can heal hard hearts and bring hope to the downtrodden.  Also, the justice of God will catch up with those who purpose to do wrong to others is another message that this book shows.

Although Friendly Revenge is a YA novel, it is a very good and enjoyable read for those of us who are young at heart.

Guest review by Cleve Johnson

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