The Preacher’s Lady


Title:  The Preacher’s Lady

Author:  Lori Copeland

Pages:  224

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers

My rating is 4 stars.

Bo Garrett and Elly Sullivan are in love and don’t care who knows it.  They are young teenagers and can’t wait to start their married lives together when Bo turns seventeen.  When Bo turns seventeen, however, he tells Elly he feels restless and wants to see a little of the country before settling down and farming cranberries.  Elly understands and lets Bo go after he assures her that he will be back in about a month.  Seven years later Bo arrives home, but only because his father’s health is failing and he needs Bo’s help harvesting the cranberry crop.

Elly tells herself she has moved on and accepts a proposal from another, but can’t make herself set a wedding date.  She is angry and hurt with how Bo has treated her and wants nothing to do with him.  Bo has returned a changed man, dedicating his life to serving God.  What has happened over the last seven years?  Elly has railed against God in her hurt while Bo embraced Him at his lowest point.  As the story progresses, Elly and Bo can’t help but spend some time together as they are next door neighbors and their families have been close for over twenty years.  Elly sees that Bo truly is changed, but can she truly forgive him in her heart instead of just saying the words after all Bo has put her through?

This is a sweet love story that showcases the very real human reactions to fear, loneliness, love, death, grace, compassion and more.  I always know Lori will produce a book worth reading and this is no exception.  There isn’t much action or suspense, but there are examples of how to not become bitter by holding on to the past, helping others and showing mercy.  The book is short, easy to read and uplifting.

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