: Daughter of Liberty (The American Patriot Series #1)


Title:  Daughter of Liberty (The American Patriot Series #1)

Author:  J. M. Hochstetler

Pages:  432

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Sheaf House

My rating is 5 stars.

I found this series quite by accident when searching for books of interest on Amazon.  Now I am so glad to have read book one as there are five others in the series published thus far, though Amazon is out of stock on some of the books.  I think these wonderful faith-filled historical stories have caught the attention of readers as they so richly deserve to be noticed and shared!

I could tell right away the author knew her subject well and then set to write novels that remind us of where liberty was birthed along with the cost; however, that is not all.  It is also the faith of the leaders and followers that caused them to put all of what they owned even their lives on the line.  Readers will enjoy the suspense and mystery involved in trying to figure out just who is spying on both rebels and British troops. 

I loved some of the surprising twists in the storyline, and the characters who made choices on both sides of the beginning of the war with heavy hearts.  Some of the characters returned to England and others remained in America to keep the light burning bright, especially the Sons of Liberty.  There is a daring young person who is known only as Oriole because of the sound made before meeting to share intelligence gathered.

I was reminded of families torn apart by the choices they made or the ultimate sacrifice paid for future generations.  J. M. Hochstetler is now one of my new favorite historical authors.  I have plans to read her other stories and share with you my thoughts in the hope you will read them too.  Plan on enjoying the suspense, mystery, intrigue, romance, battles, danger lurking in the darkest shadows and more!  There are a couple of more books the author plans on adding to her series for a total of seven.  These will go on my shelves at home right by the classics to be passed down to those who come after me.  May the message of faith, God, and hope inspire the next generation to press on in sharing their faith and our history!

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