Title: Afloat
Author: Erin Healy
Pages: 368
Year: 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Erin Healy’s writing is a purely brilliant, exceptionally exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. After reading House of Mercy last year, I waited with anticipation for her next thrilling suspense to be published. Here in Afloat, the writer uses various components to weave a tale that includes mystery, murder, suspicion, and supernatural along with themes such as forgiveness with restoration of relationships. The characters learn through tragedy and the constant presence of danger to see themselves as they really are, leaving them to choose whether to embrace a different path or stay the same.
Two brothers, Vance and Pete, share the loss of their father and were torn apart from each other because of unforgiveness, blame and grief. One brother, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, seeks solace in alcohol until Zeke shares with him the truth of the only One who is able to carry such a weight. Danielle who has been widowed two years with a little boy, Simeon, believes the lie she grew up…only rely on yourself. Now, can she let go of her selfish nature to do something that would require selflessness?
Ranier is to come and see the units that were being built to float on the water engineered by Vance. Tony, the financial backer, is selling these units at an astronomical price. However, Ranier never comes to view the unit; yet, how is it that Danielle, Tony’s executive assistant, along with a few others sees him on the property while others do not? The water that is a muddy color seems to be illuminated with silver moving objects that some people can see while others can’t. Simeon has faith in Ranier. The single cuff link that he gave to Simeon glows when all other power is cut off during a catastrophe. Now, those left on the cove have no outside contact, no electricity and help seems a million miles away.
Since the one unit, number 12, is the only one habitable, the mystery that at first is hidden begins to be revealed. Through a series of bad decisions and limited paths to travel to freedom, some people are beginning to turn on others with the hope of decreasing the number of survivors. With time running out, one man’s past becomes crystal clear and a last ditch effort may or may not keep his secret from public view.
Plan to spend an afternoon lost in the pages of Afloat for there is so much more beneath the surface than what I have revealed. More characters, adventures, along with a good dose of hope will keep you turning the pages until you’re through. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exclaiming to a friend that they have got to read this latest work of Erin Healy’s. I eagerly anticipate her next novel and sure hope it is soon!
My rating 5+ stars.
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