Title: Abducted (Pacific Coast Justice Series #2)
Author: Janice Cantore
Story Length: 364
Year: 2012
Publisher: Tyndale
Abducted begins where Accused left off. Carly Edwards is back on patrol where she belongs and her life is looking up or so she thought. Her relationship with her ex-husband, Nick, was going alone fine until the last few weeks when he seemed to pull away from her. Was he regretting their talk of reconciliation after their divorce? Had she made a mistake trusting him with her heart again? As she contemplates her love life, her partner is called to the ER where his wife is admitted with an unknown, but serious ailment. While in the hospital, their 4-month-old son is placed in pediatrics to be watched until grandparents arrive to care for him. When her partner arrives to retrieve his son from the hospital nursery, he finds a doll in his place. The baby has been kidnapped and a full-scale police investigation ensues.
Along with this investigation, Carly’s spiritual life has taken a turn for the better. She has been attending her mother’s and Nick’s church, and her new faith has blossomed. It is put to the test with the kidnapping case and her relationship with Nick. Carly is called to the jail at the request of a burglary suspect she has recently captured. He claims to have information on the baby kidnapping. Carly also must deal with her roommate who is a nurse that was in charge at the hospital on the floor where the baby was kidnapped from. She was derelict in her duty by taking a too long break. Now, she is in fear of losing her job and takes it out on Carly and her newfound faith is criticized. In addition, Carly also has struck up a sort of friendship with a reporter Alex Trejo. He has a crush on Carly and is looking for a relationship with Carly and with Nick pulling away Carly wonders if she should let Nick go in favor of Alex. As the investigation progresses, Carly and Nick uncover more than they bargained for and are drawn into the sites of a former reserve officer gone bad who will stop at nothing, including murder, to retrieve his stolen property.
This is a great police suspense drama with lots of action that will leave readers satisfied at the end. The real life experiences of the author shine through in her prose to make it real and believable. I really like the characters of Nick and Carly as they both struggle to overcome past decisions and rely on their new faith in God to guide them. They put their faith into practice and don’t back away from it at the first trial. I’ll be reading the third book in the series, Avenged, soon and can’t wait to tell readers about it!
My rating is 5 stars.
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