The day was Saturday January 2012; I always look forward to getting the mail. That day was no different. I opened a package and there was a novel—Accused—that was new and captivating. On Sunday, I began reading it in earnest; I couldn’t put it down. There are many stories I like because of the setting and characters who are involved in law enforcement or in courtrooms. A story has to grip my attention the moment I turn a page, or I stop reading it before I really get too far into it. Are you like that? Can you tell if a book is one you will read by looking at the cover?
Never before have I read a novel by Ms. Cantore, so I wasn’t sure what I would come across. Ms. Cantore writes a novel that is riveting from start to finish. The author has experiential knowledge having worked in law enforcement and written a couple of articles for different magazines sharing her faith openly and without apology. One of the articles was for Cop and Christ which I am sure helped Christians in law enforcement stay strong and faithful to Christ.
The story starts out with cop, who in answering a call with her partner, suddenly finds herself off her beat, accused, and filled with doubt. Ms Cantore’s characters, though fictional, sound like everyday people as this officer has recently experienced betrayal, divorce, her father’s passing, and faith. Like anyone who has suffered much, any of us can be filled with doubt and questions. Yet, in this awesome novel, we see the main character go through many twists and turns that eventually bring up her deepest feelings she has tried so hard to bury. She has no clue who to trust, and when she does trust, it seems like her life only seems to go from bad to worse.
Accused is brilliantly written to capture readers into the characters’ lives in a certain time, place, and area. The officer is looked at as guilty because of her partner’s actions. Constantly, our protagonist seems to question her faith, run from those who not only talk about the Lord, but their lives exemplify Him. How is this officer to get control of her faith, career, emotions, and life when several antagonists keep the pressure on her to give in and give up?
The story is full of action, decisions to be made, faith to be exercised, but how does someone make decisions or exercise faith when she doesn’t have one? I don’t want to ruin the novel for you; all I can say is though this is a wonderful work of fiction, it also calls readers to look at their faith. Our main protagonist had the courage to face the questions that nagged at her heart and life. I wonder, will we also have the courage and fortitude to not only question, but like the officer, call out to God to show Himself as real regardless of what we are facing?

Note: I received a complimentary copy of Accused from Tyndale Publishers.