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Hazardous Holiday


Title:  Hazardous Holiday

Author:  Liz Johnson

Pages:  217

Year:  December 2016

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Kristi and her son Cody are struggling after the death of Kristi’s husband about a year ago.  His cousin Zach has returned from serving as a SEAL.  He has been in love with Kristi for years but kept quiet when he saw that Kristi loved his cousin.  Now, Kristi and Cody need help and Zach can provide it.  He proposes to Kristi out of the blue, stating that it would only be a marriage in name only.  He can provide a home for them and insurance that they desperately need as Cody has a heart condition and needs a transplant soon.  He also, throws in the fact that he will be deployed for a year shortly after they marry.

Zach returns from his deployment and more trouble than he could have imagined.  Kristi and Cody meet him at the base and as they are driving home, three SUVs try to force their car off the road.  They survive, but that is just the beginning of events that increase in frequency and severity.  Could this be someone after Kristi since she was threatened at her job at a law firm?  Kristi is sure an unhappy client is responsible.  But Zach isn’t so sure.

Here is another good read from Love Inspired Suspense and Liz Johnson.  I was so impressed with Zach’s willingness to keep his word to his cousin to take care of Kristi and Cody.  He is a protector and acts with honor.  This is a story with excitement, romance, and much more.  I can’t say enough that these short stories are so worth reading.  They are clean reads with faith and action and suspense woven together to make for an enjoyable time lost in the pages!


A High Sierra Christmas



Title:  A High Sierra Christmas

Author:  William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone

Pages:  426

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Pinnacle

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

I was deeply engrossed late into the night in this wonderful tale of a family overcoming obstacles of all sorts to be together for Christmas.  If you haven’t read any of the yearly Christmas stories offered by the Johnstone family, then now’s the time to join the fun!  The Jenson family is experiencing the holiday times together each year.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, for the Jenson family the holidays aren’t always peaceful.

The story begins in a museum with a little boy looking at a stagecoach, wondering if it’s the real deal.  His mother isn’t sure it is authentic.  As they are talking about the coach and the mysterious engraving of two letters, an older gentleman comes out and starts talking about it being real.  The story then proceeds with a flashback to a time when a part of the Jensen family was in the stagecoach.  From then on, the action is nonstop all the way to the last page, with the older gentlemen ending his tale.  Can you just picture a wide-eyed youngster captivated by the tale being told?

I always wonder how each year the Johnstones can come up with such unique and exciting adventures, but they do!  I thoroughly enjoyed this story as it shows how generations can share the stories of the past in a way that just captures the imagination of people no matter their age.  The use of mystery, danger, daring escapades during a blizzard and so much more will keep you up reading this novel!  I am glad the author took time to build the story and plot, using words to paint pictures that just popped into my mind.

I look forward to the Johnstone Christmas novels each year.  They are well written and fun to sit with a hot drink and get lost in the book for a while.  If you have missed the action and daring adventures of the past books, don’t wait any longer!  The titles are:  The Lone Star Christmas, A Rocky Mountain Christmas, A Big Sky Christmas, A Frontier Christmas, A Texas Hill Country Christmas, A Colorado Christmas, An Arizona Christmas and A High Sierra Christmas.

Many more Johnstone novels are available to read, enjoy and share with others!

The Liberty Bride (The Daughters of the Mayflower Series #6)


Title:  The Liberty Bride (The Daughters of the Mayflower Series #6)

Author:  Marylu Tyndall

Pages:  256

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Barbour Books

My rating:  5 stars our of 5

All the books in the series are written by different authors who do a fantastic job of telling a tale set in a certain time period.  In the front of the book, a reader is reminded of the generations of a certain family that began with the Mayflower landing, and the name of the how the family has grown through the years regardless of the trials.

This book is set in 1814 on a boat off the coast of Virginia.  Emeline Barrett has been caring for many people including her mother until her passing.  Her father sends her to England to learn how to become a lady with an eccentric aunt.  Aboard her father’s boat of privateers, she is contemplating her future that is less than what her heart desires.  On top of this, she has a fledging and misguided faith and view of God when she meets Hannah whose husband works on the ship.

The tension climbs when the boat is attacked by the HMS Marauder and Emeline meets Lt. Owen Masters.  I don’t want to disclose anymore for fear I would ruin your enjoyment of discovery of what happens in the book for yourself.  All I can say is this story is engaging, tense at times, filled with characters of faith and those who aren’t, and romance that a reader is never sure whether it will become anything or not.

The Liberty Bride was thoroughly a fun read, filled with daring adventures and dangers.  I cannot wait until the next installment is released in 2019 titled. The Alamo Bride.  The whole series of books are worth reading again and again, along with gifting them and sharing with family and friends.  Have fun with history through fiction!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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Lady of a Thousand Treasures (The Victorian Ladies Series #1)


Title:  Lady of a Thousand Treasures (The Victorian Ladies Series #1)

Author:  Sandra Byrd

Pages:  464

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Eleanor Sheffield has been taught by her father to evaluate, authenticate whether the piece is genuine or fake, and place a value on antiquities.  Their usual clients are the nobility.  Her father dies, leaving the business in the hands of her ailing uncle and Eleanor running the business.  Eleanor is an unmarried woman in the 1860s in England and unable to own and run the business on her own.  She is in a quandary as to what to do when an unexpected death of a client presents a golden opportunity for Eleanor.  However, she must face the man who broke her heart who also happens to be the deceased client’s only son, standing to inherit his father’s huge collection of antiquities amassed over a lifetime of collecting.  She must decide whether Harry is worthy to receive this inheritance or if the collection should be donated to a museum.  Her home is broken into and her uncle assaulted.  Why?  With more interaction with Harry, her heart begins to thaw, but can she trust him again?  He claims to still have love for her in his heart, but can she believe him now?

The setting of place and time is one of my favorites, and the author does a great job of making feel like I’m in that time period with the characters.  The mystery aspect was appealing and reading about how Eleanor evaluated artifacts was very interesting.  The story did drag in some places, slowing down my reading of it and taking away some of my enjoyment of it.  However, I like the author’s writing style and the historical information presented in the story.  I am interested to see who the subject of the second novel in the series is going to be, but I will have to wait as the second novel isn’t being released until the spring of 2020.  While this first book is on the lengthy side, it is still one worth reading.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Deadly Christmas Secrets



Title:  Deadly Christmas Secrets

Author:  Shirlee McCoy

Pages:  219

Year:  December 2015

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Harper Shelby has made a drastic change in her life over the last four years ever since her sister and niece were murdered.  She has withdrawn from an up and coming successful career, the big city life, friends and community.  She now lives in the middle of nowhere and leaves her home to go to church and to get supplies.  Otherwise, she spends her time making pottery.  She has been financially successful at that endeavor.  Soon her life will be turned upside down with some possible information that seems to indicate her niece may be alive.  Harper will do whatever is necessary to find out if that is in fact true.  Before she can leave, someone takes a shot at her.

Logan Fitzgerald works for a company that finds lost people and/or rescues those in need.  He has been hired to deliver a message to Harper.  He does so, but before he can leave her house someone starts taking shots at them.  Logan realizes someone has used him to find Harper, so he feels responsible for her safety.  He can’t leave her unprotected and she is bound and determined to get information about the mystery surrounding her niece, so Logan decides to help her.  More attempts are made on their lives as they get closer and closer to the truth.

If you are looking for some inexpensive gift ideas, these little books will fill the bill.  They are exciting, romantic and yet a clean read too.  I have read several of these gems and have been impressed with the quality of writing.  I have enjoyed each and every one, and I look forward to reading more of them in the near future.  Look for more reviews of good stories coming soon!

Body Guard for Christmas


Title:  Body Guard for Christmas

Author:  Carol J. Post

Pages:  224

Year:  December 2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

If you enjoy reading books that have threads of romance, faith and suspense, then here is another author whose many books you will enjoy.  Carol’s latest, Bodyguard for Christmas, was exceptionally entertaining to read!  At one point in the novel, I thought the action was over and wondered what else I was going to read in the pages left.  However, Carol really pulled a fast one and the action climaxed from that point till the end!

In the novel, a young widower knows he has made many enemies during his practice as a prosecutor. What concerns him more is the fact that his little boy hasn’t spoken a word since losing his mother.  Colton isn’t looking for a new relationship, but he does need a bodyguard when an attempt is made to kidnap his son!  Colton’s new neighbor is Jasmine who is refurbishing her home and hopes to move in soon.  But her job calls her back in for an emergency, and yes, it is to guard Colton’s son.  Colton’s twin brother Cade is carefree and at times careless, who deals in antiquities.

There is much I haven’t revealed that brings depth and excitement to the story.  As Carol has done in her other Love Inspired novels, she once again has written a compelling tale for readers to get lost in the pages!  Carol’s other Love Inspired books are Midnight Shadows, Motive for Murder, Out for Justice, Shattered Haven, Hidden Identity, Mistletoe Justice, Buried Memories, Reunited by Danger, Fatal Recall, and Lethal Legacy.  All of them are fantastic and fun to read, so I hope you get some books for gifts and request her books to read.  Then, share your books with others or even talk about them in a book club.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/.  Also follow me on Twitter@lcjohnson1988, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

No Turning Back (Witness Protection #3)


Title:  No Turning Back (Witness Protection #3)

Author:  H. L. Wegley

Pages:  227

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Trinity Press International

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

What an exciting conclusion to the Witness Protection series!  The main female character is Beth Sanchez who’s a very uniquely crafted woman.  The author gave her INTJ (Meir-Briggs Personality Assessment) and her past is one of faith, pain, and turmoil.  What about her future?  Knowing the head of a cartel is out to kill her or other things, she is living in constant fear for her life when she meets Drew West.  From the moment these two meet sparks are flying!  Some of them are good and some might spell trouble.

Drew is a man who owns a horse ranch with other family members and ends up helping take care of Beth.  When he decides to do anything, no one gets in his way.  His strongest personality trait is to protect those he loves.

Each novel written by H. L. Wegley is a treasure of action, patriotism, faith, mystery and so much more!  He has written other novels including the series Against All Enemies and the Witness Protection Series.  He has a new novel coming out titled, Virtuality that I plan on reading soon and will share what I think on my blog and other sites.  However, if I were to guess, I am betting it is good or even better than his other novels I have enjoyed!   Either way all the stories are clean, filled with suspense and some fun times too!

For the readers in your family or whoever you know, here are books to give them to delve into and share!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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Thirst of Steel


Title:  Thirst of Steel (The Tox Files #3)

Author:  Ronie Kendig

Pages:  464

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Tox has agreed to one last mission before settling down with Haven.  The Arrow & Flame Order has ramped up their campaign to obtain more power.  This time they are seeking the sword David used to kill Goliath.  It is imbued with some sort of supernatural power that cannot be allowed to see the light of day according to those fighting the AFO.  Tox must keep the leader of the AFO from obtaining the three pieces of the sword covertly while also trying to protect his friend, Tzivia, who is out to find the sword to free her father from being held captive by the AFO.

Meanwhile, Haven is in the United States researching Tox’s family history at the urging of Tzaddik.  The AFO is active on American soil by killing what seem to be random people with their phosphorescent arrows, causing their victims to melt from the inside out.  Haven and Tox have been apart for months and she wonders if she will ever see him again.  He is deep undercover and not allowed to receive any communications.  Tox’s best friend and fellow Wraith team member, Ram, gives her only the barest of details about Tox while he is on his mission.  Haven has something she desperately need to tell Tox, but will she ever have the chance?

Ronie Kendig delivers another suspense-filled, tension-packed story that will keep readers glued to their seats.  There are twists in the plot to keep readers guessing and the ending is a shocking surprise.  I admire the lengths Wraith team will go to in order to protect the U.S., as well as their fellow soldiers.  A shout out of thanks to all those in the military past and present who have served or are currently serving to keep our country safe.  Having read book two so long ago, I had a little trouble keeping all the many characters straight.  I also think the flashbacks to the past disrupted the story taking place in the present day.  I recommend reading the books in order as the story is continuous and readers will not understand what is going on in book three without the backgrounds of the first two books in the series.  This was an exciting ride with Tox and Wraith team!  I can’t wait to see what this author creates next that I’m sure will entertain for hours!

In Too Deep


Title:  In Too Deep (Dive Investigations#2)

Author:  Lynn H. Blackburn

Pages:  352

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Revell

My rating:  5 stars out of 5

The suspense and action are beyond words!  In the first novel titled, Beneath the Surface, I was hooked as that books starts with discovering a body underwater.  There were themes of faith, romance, and danger.  The story just kept me up late reading!  Now, the author successfully resumes the tale of her characters but adds yet other aspects with such tension it is literally palpable!

There is human trafficking, which is a real problem.  The author handles that aspect with wisdom and grace.  I love the mystery in the book and how what happens at a crime scene makes readers want to know who did the deed.  The author never reveals where she is taking the readers until we’re already there.  I can only imagine that isn’t an easy thing to do.

Adam and Sabrina are two of the main characters and their interactions and romance are intriguing.  Sometimes with books that are well written like these it’s hard to remember these are fictional people as they feel so lifelike!  Not all that happens in the story is serious.  There are moments that will make you laugh when the gang of investigators are together and ribbing each other.

It is really fun to read a novel that has action taking place underwater.  It gave me a different perspective of how crimes are investigated, the danger and more all happening in the water where it isn’t seen by other characters.  I think the author did an amazing job showing how faith does impact how people look at others, handle life and do their job for the glory of God.

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to Beneath the Surface, and if you have not yet read book one, please do so before going to this book as you’ll enjoy it so much more.  I can’t wait to see what Lynn brings next for the Dive Investigation Team and her cast of characters!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/.  Also follow me on Twitter@lcjohnson1988, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

Lethal Target


Title:  Lethal Target (The Line of Duty)

Author:  Janice Cantore

Pages:  416

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Tyndale

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

Chief of Police Tess O’Rourke has her hands full even in the small town of Rogue’s Hollow.  We met Tess in the first novel in the series titled, Crisis Shot.  Now, in the sequel, we see that Tess has much to do with the towns’ cannabis growers and now a murder to solve that appears to be unsolvable.  Not only is Tess having challenges in her job, but also her personal life as well

The story begins with her not celebrating her birthday due to a tragedy that occurred on her birthday years ago.  Tess respects the small town’s pastor, but desires to hear nothing of God and the Bible he longs to share with her.  Tess admires the way the pastor is healing after losing his wife, which happens in the first book, and how he comforts others when they are faced with grief.

Tess loves to walk the town streets and develop a presence, so people don’t view her as untouchable.  However, one man decides she must face his wrath but isn’t sure how to carry out his revenge.  Until one moment comes when he is offered cash in an opportunity to do just what he wants to do to her.  Readers are kept in suspense aa to the identity of the person behind the money and encouragement to do great harm to Tess.

While Janice’s novels can be read as stand alone, I found reading a series from the first book helps bring understanding to the background of the current story.  Janice keeps readers guessing and turning pages to see what will happen next as she ramps up the suspense!  Having been a police officer herself, Janice is able to bring her expertise as to the crimes and she isn’t quick to bring about an ending.  I love that she takes time to develop a believable plot and the theme of faith throughout the story.

Janice Cantore’s novels are well worth the time to enjoy and share with others as you read or when you are finished.  I cannot wait to see where Janice takes Tess next in the series conclusion releasing in 2019!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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In Times Gone By (Golden Gate Secrets #3)

Title:  In Times Gone By (Golden Gate Secrets #3)

Author:  Tracie Peterson

Pages:  317

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Bethany House

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Having read books one and two in the series, I was excited to get book three from the library so I could sit down and get to Kenzie’s story.  Kenzie Gifford has sworn that she will never love again.  She was left at the altar, humiliated and devastated in front of her family and friends.  She has come to California to begin life with a fresh start.  She has gotten a job working for her cousin at a chocolate candy company.  She lives with Judith and Camri, her two best friends, as well as Camri’s brother, Caleb.  They have been living at the warehouse, opening their doors to the poor after the San Francisco earthquake disaster.  While there, Kenzie comes in repeated contact with Dr. Micah Fisher, Caleb’s best friend.  Micah has made no secret that he would like to court Kenzie, but she has told him she is not interested.  Micah refuses to give up his pursuit of her.

With so many people needing care, Micah enlists Kenzie to be his nurse.  She agrees and finds she actually likes nursing and working with Micah.  She admires his medical skill, but she refuses to believe she feels anything more than friendship for him…really, that’s all.  She unexpectedly receives a visit from someone in her past that causes her to doubt past actions.  What is what she is told is true?  Did she make a hasty or faulty decision leaving her hometown a year ago?  What should she do now?

I have been entertained throughout this series.  The mystery aspect in this novel held my interest, as well as the romantic tension between Micah and Kenzie.  With the couples and some other characters from the prior two novels making appearances in this story, made me feel like I was revisiting old friends.  God’s loving provision for his children is a theme evident in the series, as well as the characters learning to trust that He will do what is best for all involved in any and every situation.


Miss Serena’s Secret (Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope #2)


Title:  Miss Serena’s Secret (Regency Brides:  A Promise of Hope #2)

Author:  Carolyn Miller

Pages:  344

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Kregel Publications

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Serena Winthrop is fresh out of the schoolroom, and at age 18 she is not interested in finding a husband.  She wants only to pursue her love of art.  She is quite a skilled artist for one so young.  Her brother-in-law, with whom she lives, has hired a private art instructor for her to continue her lessons at home now that she has graduated finishing school.  She has a difficult time trusting men because of something that happened in the past.  When she meets her brother-in-law’s best friend, Viscount Henry “Harry” Carmichael, she remains cool and aloof.  She is not swayed by his charm or good looks.  At least that is what she tells herself.

Viscount Carmichael is surprised at Serena’s reaction to him.  Ladies usually fall all over themselves to be in his company.  Granted he has a reputation as a gambler and a charmer, but he has never been rebuffed so completely.  He begins to look at his life thus far and realizes he needs to make some changes.  He returns home to find the estate finances in dire straits of which he had no idea.  His father has been neglecting the tenants and the land of the estate for some time.  Harry has always wanted to reopen the mines on the family land, but his father is adamantly opposed.  His father also seems a bit forgetful at times.  Harry soon learns the management of the estate will fall on his shoulders.  However, he can’t stop thinking about Serena.

I have read all the Regency Brides Series thus far and have not been disappointed in any of the novels.  The author writes with an ability to make this reader feel the emotions of the characters:  their despair, angst, anger, hurt, love and others.  The subtle humor in conversations is one of my favorite aspects of the stories.  The presence of God in the center of characters’ lives, whether at the beginning of the story or the end, is wonderful.  I can’t wait for book three, The Making of Mrs. Hale, in the Promise of Hope Series which will be released in November 2018!

Holiday Amnesia (Wrangler’s Corner Series)


Title:  Holiday Amnesia (Wrangler’s Corner Series)

Author:  Lynette Eason

Pages:  224

Year:  December 2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

One reason I enjoy these books is the action and adventure start right from the moment I open the book.  There is a one-page teaser and trust me it hooks the interest of readers who then turn a page or two to become engrossed in a thriller of a tale!  Lynette Eason is no stranger to writing novels that are filled with faith, suspense, believable characters and wonderful plot.

In this book, Robin Hardy barely escapes with her life after she witnesses some nefarious actions at her lab.  When the antagonist realizes she is able to identify him, he takes off after Robin with the intent of taking her out.  However, even after one explosion, Robin is able to escape the other explosions with her life.  However, she can’t remember a person, her job or what she witnessed even when she gets help and protection from Toby Potter.

Now, I don’t want to spoil others enjoying the book, so I won’t reveal anymore.  Just plan on getting a copy and maybe giving a copy as a gift to someone you know who loves a good book.  With there being only 224 pages and the small size of the book, it makes it easy to pack for travel along with a couple more from Love Inspired Suspense!

Dead Sea Rising (Dead Sea Chronicles)


Title:  Dead Sea Rising (Dead Sea Chronicles)

Author:  Jerry B. Jenkins

Pages:  320

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Worthy

My rating:  5+ out of 5 stars!

What a magnificent beginning to a new series by author Jerry Jenkins!  I was glued to the book until the very end, spell bound by the many twists and turns of the plot, characters and climactic ending!  I have enjoyed many of this author’s books over the years, but the first book of this series is brilliant!  The sequel, Dead Sea Conundrum, is set to be released in 2019 and I am anticipating its arrival with eagerness unparalleled!

The story is running parallel time frames, one is in ancient biblical times while the other is present day.  The characters are unique to each time line and each has a mystery threaded all the way throughout the novel.  As I was reading, I was wondering how the two or even if the two plots were going to intersect.  You will have to determine if they do or don’t when you read the book.

In the ancient timeline, there are two well-known biblical characters Terah and Abram.  In the modern timeline, the action is focused on the Berman family.  The Berman family is unique in that readers will see how the father passed down to his daughter a love for archeology.  There is also a story behind the father’s life that, at one point, becomes the focal point of a police investigation.  However, I am getting ahead of myself and don’t want to reveal anymore lest it spoil the adventure awaiting readers!

When sharing just a tidbit about the book with a friend, the next thing I knew she had preordered it! What that told me was how magnificent and magnetizing the story will be to many, if those who don’t normally consider themselves a reader or lover of books.  I hope you order the book for yourself and as a gift for someone else to enjoy, as well as talk about before book two is released sometime next year.

Until then, allow yourself time to get lost in the pages of Dead Sea Rising!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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Stratagem Author: Robin Carroll


Title:  Stratagem

Author:  Robin Carroll

Pages:  320

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Shiloh Press Run

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

The setting of the story is in New Orleans where a company creates games for people to live out sometimes without them knowing they are living out a game.  Games on You is hired by a Deets PR to help them establish the best person for a promotion within the company.  The designer of the game is psychologist Grayson Thibodeaux who has a real gift for understanding how people will react to stimuli revealing their strengths, weaknesses and fears.

After getting information on each person in the game, a place is chosen, and the involved planning begins.  Grayson’s assistant, Pam, is a really smart woman who knows computers and loves to bet with Grayson on who will or won’t succeed.  Life is already complex when Grayson’s wife Anna Belle is unfaithful to him and leaves him because she wants to be free to climb the corporate ladder.  When her company hired Grayson’s and Conner’s company, the conflict of interest is about to be the worst of Grayson’s problems.

When Anna Belle is found unresponsive in her room and later dies, the police of course focus on Grayson.  From that point, the plot thickens along with many twists and turns.  The author writes a fantastic suspense filled thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.  I thought the ending was surprising and very tense.

Plan on being up a little late when you begin reading the adventure that awaits in this excellent tale!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/.  Also follow me on Twitter@lcjohnson1988, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

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